SA Highest Sold Print: William Kentridge - Sleeper Red. Signed, dated 1997 and numbered 'Proof' colour etching, drypoint and aquatint, 96cm x 192,5cm
Sold Strauss June 2018 for R 720 000 incl. Buyer's Premium and VAT

South African Printmaking, like its counterpart Photography is on the rise. Print
editions used to be seen as affordable or not considered series pieces when starting a serious collection. This is all changing were prices for certain prints are gaining traction such as Kentridge, Hodgins, Pierneef, Clarke, Victor, Muafangejo and many more.

This is not to say that all prints by artists are gaining value, Artists like athletes have their good and bad days, similarly an original signed print by an obscure artist is more meaningful than a reproduction signed print by a famous one. What is happening is that the cannon of printmaking is becoming more studied and appreciated and there is greater context of what constituted SA printmaking especially after 1910.

Why use us at The SA Print Gallery

We have a great print specialisation – our ability to balance value with quality
prints with their position within the SA Print canon provide a scope for investment Prints have a unique factor whereby purchasing a collective bundle of quality prints can climb faster than one large art investment piece that could be slow to rise.

We closely follow the international auction houses that underwrite our values.
We carefully study the potential investment of each print.


  • Our selected art works are part of the important canon of SA Art History.
  • We closely follow the international auction houses that underwrite our values.
  • We carefully study the potential investment of each print.
  • We validate all our prints with condition and authenticity certificates.
  • Our prints are examined with condition reports
  • Each print is uniquely framed with the best quality archival materials.