What makes *PRINT AUCTIONS* Special

                                      What makes *PRINT AUCTIONS* so special

One can spend R1 onwards on a print without it being taken out of its Frame, and getting an unwelcome surprise 

We are the only Auction House that view all our prints naked.
The new Print Auctions House focuses primarily on fine art prints, posters, a specialized niche that has to a large part been overlooked in the art industry.
We validate our Prints: we are the only auction house that examines all aspects of the print, we take the work out of the frame, and validate its authenticity, advice restoration and at what basic cost. Once you purchase the print there will be no surprise's or disappointments, just Thrill of buying a beautiful fine art print.


Gabriel Clark-Brown has been in in the printmaking business since 16

A Life time of loving Prints
We have a collective experience of over 30 years of SA Printmaking, (of which the last 14 have been the establishment of the SA Print Gallery) we have evolved to an Auction House who’s mandate is to promote a respect, knowledge and enjoyment of SA Fine Art Prints in your fine art collection.

In 1980 this print Muafangejo price was R 19, in 2020 it reached R 24000 at Strauss and Co.

Strong, slow rise of SA Fine Art Prints
In the last 10 years we have experienced a strong growth in value and prices. What prints fetched a few hundred Rands in the 90’s are now fetching tens of thousands. What prints one bought with small change such as Muafangejo, Pierneef, Clarke, Hodgins have reached over 100-400k this past year.

Changing the perception – check both sides of the print – not just the back of the frame
We as an auction house would like to change the way the industry sells prints. We would like to feel that what we sell we would eagerly buy ourselves. To this regard prints have always been sold prints as ‘voetstoots’ – when buying prints from auction houses I am always sadden by the fact that all, or for the most don’t open the back of the frame to check the condition as well as if its stuck down to board. In addition the print may turn out to be a photocopy, or digital fake.

Our Prints are Clean, Authentic and Part of SA Print History
With our prints we can assure you that our condition report is from the front and back of the print, and not frame. So there wont be any surprises to see that the print you paid now need to be cut off a piece of hardboard stuck down with rubber glue.


Joshua Miles and Alice Goldin both incredible woodblock printmakers

What we love selling:
Selling great SA fine art prints- not just names, but works that have contributed to the rich language of SA fine art printmaking.
Sourcing and researching prints and valuations
Restoring Prints

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