Due to the fashion of the day (even up to today) Framers glued prints onto cardboard even hardboard to keep them flat before framing them


What makes our prints clean, unique and good investments

Many collectors have bought framed prints only to receive a nasty surprise when they open the frame - that the print has been stuck down to hardboard, mount burn, foxing or damaged beyond the value of restoration, even the print being a clever reproduction. In most cases many a collector has lost precious money buying on face value and loosing money for a costly repair job.

 We take pride in guaranteeing that all of our prints are

Our Prints are Genuine : We check the authenticity and match up the signature, artist date etc.

All Prints are removed from frame and inspected cleaned -and if need be, restored.

Some of our prints are 10% more expensive than going rate- but become better quality investments.

We restore our prints so that they become good investments. Like a vintage car we clean and restore the item, so that when you buy the car you know its a solid investment and on the basis of quality the value of the investment would surpass the extra cost that you would paid quickly.