Muafangejo's Zimbabwe House becomes the highest paid for SA Print after Kentridge

Muafangejo’s prices have sky rocketed from buying a print for R 15 in the 1980’s to this month’s Strauss sale where his print Zimbabwe House sold for R 410 000, making it the highest paid SA print after Kentridge. To view many Muafangejo’s breaking records set this year go to Strauss & Co’s : African Lion: John Muafangejo Works from
The Orde Levinson Collection 3 May 2021

Here is a photo I took of a print that came our of a frame, priced at R 19,- the date on the print is recorded 1980. 


In the mid 1980's one could purchase a Muafangejo for roughly R 19, (see bottom right hand corner) the same would sell at Strauss & Co for R32 000 in 2018

The following prints value are drawn from the last 20 years of public sales records from Auction houses.