John Muafangejo priced at R 19  in 1980, sells for R 32000 Strauss 2016


Our investment value model is based on the Mei Moses art auction model were work by the same artists returns to the auction house every few years. In the Mei Moses model a painting basically comes back to the auction house roughly 21+ years.

Fine Art Prints are more exciting as the same print withing an edition (especially Muafangejo's of 150 per edition) comes up more often on Auctions hence one can gauge the purchasing appeal on a more frequent basis. The special thing here is that in effect all the prints from the same edition are the same, and hence all the other prints in the edition should be pitched at the same price, with variations on quality and provenance of the print 

We can gauge over time and art auction records the appeal of both artists and prints. For obvious reasons one can't ask print workshops and galleries for confidential retail information. We are aware on various potential spikes in market price- for example we exclude charity art auctions and rare upswings given a rare bullish bidding by collectors. In addition South African prints that sell aboard on the whole never get the same prices as if they where sold locally

we understand that fine art print investment is not an exact science, however with gauging from a wide section of auction houses one can figure out if the print is gaining or loosing value.