John Muafangejo: The battle of Rorke’s Drift (1981) - Linocut on paper 44.4 x 69.3 cm edition 1/150

SA Print Gallery: 100 Years of Great Art Investment

The SA Print Gallery (SAPG) is the first exclusive fine art print dealership to promote the appreciation and dynamic investment value of SA limited editioned fine art prints. Over the last 100 years, South African Printmaking has come into its own – as a strong stand-alone medium with an inspired,highly-evolved language created by artists with rich and diverse cultural backgrounds.

Our unique SAPG philosophy is that we look at each fine art print individually and value the print according to its contribution or inspiration to the language of
SA Fine Art Printmaking.

The SAPG (Est. 2009) is a pioneer gallery with over 40 years of experience, and although we have a way to go in terms of unlocking the value of SA Fine Art Printmaking, it’s a journey that we would love to share with you.

Collectors who love fine art prints enjoy that they belong to an exclusive few that share the same limited editioned printed image – made by the same great hand and mind of an artist.

SAPG Investment Fine Art Prints

Because of our print specialization – our price reading on quality prints provide greater investment understanding – both in terms of quality of print and higher investment returns.

  • Our selected art works are part of the important canon of SA Art History.
  • Rather acquire smaller denominated faster rising investment Prints at R10- 20K than one large art investment piece that could be slow to rise.
  • We closely follow the international auction houses that underwrite our values.
  • We carefully study the potential investment of each print.
  • We validate all our prints with condition and authenticity certificates.
  • Our prints are examined with condition reports
  • Each print is uniquely framed with the best quality archival materials.